Anastrozole (Arimidex) 50 Tabs

Manufacturer Somatrop-Lab
Category Oral
Pack 50 mg/pill. 50 pills
Form Oral
Drug class Aromatase inhibitor

Prevents excess formation of estradiol

Manufacturer Somatrop Lab

Category Oral

Dose and quantity 50 mg/pill

Package 50 pills

Form Oral

Active Substance Anastrazole

Active Half-Life 40-50 hours

Classification Aromatase inhibitor

Dosage Men 0.5-1 mg/1-3 days

Water retention No

Aromatization No

Dosage Men 0.5-1 mg/1-3 days

We do not recommend to use it without checking on a blood test first. With an excessive drop in the level of estradiol, the effectiveness of the steroid cycle decreases.

Increased liver enzymes (Alat, Asat)



May raise low-density cholesterol level

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