Oxandrolone (Anavar) 100 Tabs

Manufacturer Somatrop-Lab
Category Oral Tablets
Pack 10 mg/pill.100 pills
Form Oral
Drug class Anabolic steroid

Increases in muscle mass and strength

Improves tissue regeneration

Bone thickening

Manufacturer Somatrop Lab

Category Oral

Dose and quantity 10 mg/pill

Package 100 pills

Form Oral

Active Substance Oxandrolone

Active Half-Life 9-10 hours

Classification Anabolic steroid

Dosage Men 20-60 mg/day

Water retention No

Aromatization No

Dosage Men 20-60 mg/day

Avoid to use Oxandrolone when there is diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as use it longer than 8-12 weeks.
Recommended to split the dosage into 2-3 doses to reduce the effect on the liver

Increased liver enzymes (Alat, Asat)

May raise low-density cholesterol level


Suppression of the production of own testosterone (reversible)

Drugs to reduce the risk of side effects

Gonadotropin, growth hormone

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