Growth Hormone Liquid

Manufacturer Somatrop-Lab
Category HGH
Pack 33.3 mg (100 iu). 10 ml (2х5 ml)
Form Liquid
Drug class Hormone

Increased muscle mass and strength

Collagen synthesis (strengthening ligaments and tendons)

Better sleep

Improving lipid profile

Promotes Fat Burning

Manufacturer Somatrop Lab

Category Inject

Dose and quantity 33.3 mg (100 iu)

Package 10 ml (2х5 ml)

Form Liquid

Active Substance Recombinant Human Growth Hormone

Active Half-Life 2-3 hours

Classification Peptide hormone

Dosage 1-15 iu

Water retention Yes

Aromatization No

Dosage 1-15 iu per day


Tunnel Syndrome

Joint pain

€ 180.00